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Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm, SE

Department/Faculty: Geodesy / Architecture and Environment
Contact person: Dr. Huaan Fan, Director of Studies in Surveying

 KTH will lead WP8 Course implementation which is the exploitation part of the project. The staff of KTH who is speaking Russian will support the project with these communication skills.
KTH is the largest and oldest technical university in Sweden, ranked among the top 10 technical research universities in Europe. KTH offers education in most engineering fields at bachelor, master and doctoral levels.
Research and education at KTH’s School of Architecture and the Built Environment covers wide-range scientific disciplines, from geodesy, geoinformatics, photogrammetry, cartography and remote sensing, to civil engineering, urban planning, land management, real estate economics, environmental engineering and natural resource management. Department of Geodesy and Department of Geoinformatics together have been responsible for bachelor and master programmes in surveying engineering. KTH has been exceptionally active in participating in TEMPUS projects in almost all partner countries, often as applicant (grant holder).

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