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Karakalpak State University (KSU) Nukus, UZ

Department/Faculty: GIS center of Geography department
Project Partner Coordinator: Dr. Pulat Reimov, director

Contact Person:

KSU will be actively involved in implementation of the project. University administration with its Geography faculty will provide the consortium with required personnel and administrative support. KSU will be responsible for project activities defined in workplan. KSU will focus on improvement of bachelor and development of master program in GIS. Involvement of KSU implies active participation in curricula, syllabuses and teaching materials development, participation in training courses for teachers and students, support networking activities as on national as well as on regional level. Facilitate dissemination of project results for Western part of country universities, enterprises and society.
KSU is one of biggest universities located in western part of Uzbekistan. The department has established a Center for GIS in 1996 with aim to monitor Aral Sea disaster consequences with application of modern technologies. Center has established networking with EU and CIS universities, and has experience in participation in Tempus institution building project aimed to train in environmental assessment and monitoring.

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