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Introducing Tashkent Architecture and Construction Institute

Tashkent Architecture and Construction Institute was organized by the Decree of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan dated on the 6th of May, 1991.

The Institute is the basic higher educational institution in the Republic in the field of architecture and construction responsible for implementation of certain tasks under the National program of professional training.

There are 4 faculties in the institute: “Architecture”, “Buildings and Structures Construction”, “Engineering and Construction” and “Management of Construction “, there is also Lyceum, Retraining and Professional Skill Improvement Centre of Managers in the field of construction, the Spirituality and Enlightenment Centre, the Information Resourses Centre and the Department of International Relations.

Regular staff of the Tashkent Architecture and Construction Institute includes 299 teachers: 23 of them are doctors of sciences and professors, 93 candidates of sciences and senior lecturers. Thus, 47,3 % of teachers have scientific degrees and scientific ranks.

More than two thousand students study at the internal and correspondence branches.


15 majors are taught at the bachelor’s department and 19 at master’s department. During training, the students have an opportunity to receive deep theoretical knowledge and gain scientific and practical skills. Training of scientists and teachers on 7 specialties is carried out at postgraduate study and doctorate courses. There are Specialized Councils where doctor’s and master’s theses are defended in the field of architecture and construction.

Institute’s research works are conducted within the framework of the State Scientific and Technical Program for priority directions of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Institute’s specialists make contracts on designing construction projects, public and residential buildings, on development of efficient building materials applying industrial wastes, on definition of seismic stability of buildings and constructions, etc.

In the little typography of the institute publishes Textbooks, monographs, scientific practical journal “Architecture. Construction. Design” collections of proceedings, manuals, etc are published.



This faculty prepares bachelors in the fields of: Manufacture of Building Materials and Products, Engineering Communications Construction, Town-planning and Mains, the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre, Engineering Pedagogies, Service and also masters in several specialties.

Water supply and the water drain, protection of water resources and their effective utilization; Buildings of warehouses and capacities for oil and gas storage; Manufacture of building materials and construction; Complex reconstruction city territories; Economy of a city building economy; the Applied geodesy and a cadastre.

The Joint Uzbek-German department «Building materials» cooperates with the «Building materials» department of BAUHAUS University (Weimar, Germany). Professors – teachers, postgraduate students pass through training at prestigious universities of Germany, Austria, China, Republic of Korea, etc.

Scientists of the faculty carry out research works in the field of creation of resource-saving building materials and technologies, reinforced-concrete designs, designing of infrastructure, geodesy and problems of real estate cadastre.


Today, 4 foreign students study in the Institute. It maintains relations with a number of higher educational institutions from throughout the world, including “BAUHAUS” in Weimar (Germany), Berlin Technical University. And every academic year students, post-graduate students, teachers and scientists exchange experience.

In 2005-2006 academic year, cooperation agreements have been signed with a number of higher educational institutions, including: German Specialized Architecture and Building Institute in Potsdam, Kazan State Architecture University, in common were signed 21 cooperation agreements with higher educational institutions of foreign countries.

At present, a Japanese professor – volunteer delivers lectures at the Construction Department of our Institute.

TACI takes part in the international funds activities: DAAD, Volkswagen (Germany), Eurasia, UNESCO and others, with different scientific projects.

Together with the Potsdam Specialized institute of architecture and Samarkand state architecture and building institute were held first Summer school seminars. 20 professors-teachers and more than 50 students took part in summer school.

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