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Introducing Karakalpak State University

Karakalpak State University (KarSU, named after Berdakh was founded in 1976 as a successor of Nukus Pedagogical Institute (1934). Today it is well-known and fast growing regional higher educational establishment in Humanities (Linguistics, Law, Psychology and Pedagogics, Philosophy, History, Politology, Music), Management (Economy and Finances), Natural Sciences and Ecology (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography), Technology (Engineering, Chemical and Oil Technology), Informatics (Mathematics and Apllied Mathematics) and Athletics.


KarSU, Central building

There are 7500 BSc students and more than 200 MSc students from all around Uzbekistan and abroad. KarSU now has 22 specializations for MSc. There are 12 departments and 39 chairs. KarSU has experienced teaching staff, including 3 members of Academy of Science of Uzbekistan, 32 professors and doctoral degree holders, 167 associate professors (PhD). The large and modern scientific library with the more than 700,000 items serves the faculty and students.


Library and Information-resource Center of KarSU

Alumni of the KarSU constitute a core of intellectuals in regional education, business, authority, science and culture. Karakalpak State University (KarSU) possesses a status of Methodological Coordination Institution for development of standards and teaching materials for Karakalpakstan (6 high educational institutions). Also KarSU is a base organization for the testing and knowledge control of teachers from other regional Institutes and Universities. KarSU has a variety of training programs for qualification improvement for teachers of colleges and academic lyceums. There is a special program in modern pedagogic technologies for the regional lecturers and professors.Testing Center of the KSU has an expertise in development of student knowledge control systems, including special software tools with Karakalpak language support. University has local intranet electronic library with texts of lectures, lecture notes, books etc. which, with a high accessibility of information resources for BSc, MSc and PhD of KarSU (1 networked PC per 16 students) improves level of education and makes system of Quality evaluation management more transparent and flexible.


Deaprtment of life sciences  and geography

 GIS center of Karakalpak university

Center of geoinformatics and remote sensing of Karakalpak University is one of the first geoinformation laboratories in Uzbekistan.  GIS center had been established in 1996 with active cooperation of Institute of Geography of RAN (Moscow) and DLR (Munich) with financial support of BMBF (Germany). One of the goals of the newly established laboratory was Aral Sea monitoring using modern technologies, such as GPS, remote sensing, and digital maps. Later this laboratory was transformed to GIS Center as research and educational subdivision after investment of  SfP NATO program. GIS center got international recognition, results of the researches had been published in leading scientific journals, workers of the Center had been making reports in most tremendous and influential international scientific forums.


 Berdakh Museum of KarSU

GIS Center took a part in various International research and development project, mainly environmental and nature protection. GIS Center has considerable experience in environmental mapping, remote sensing classification and spatial databases, it has high-qualified staff, modern equipment and full set of GIS software. GIS Center has unique practice in cooperation with local authorities, nature protection office, irrigation and agriculture regulators, and hydrocarbon exploration agencies.

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