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Introducing The National University of Uzbekistan

National University of Uzbekistan (NUU)

NUU began its function in 1918 as People’s University. From 1920 university was named Turkistan State University, 1923 Central Asian State University, from 1960 to 2000 it was named as Tashkent State University.  On 14 th of September in 1995 according to the decree of Council of Ministries of Uzbekistan university was named after Mirzo Ulugbek.

NUU was first founded not only in Uzbekistan but in whole territory. Scientists and teachers of university greatly contributed to the development of science, education and scientific researches and educational system. Considering above mentioned contributions on 28 of January in 2000 university was claimed as National University of Uzbekistan according to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Nowadays there are 13 faculties, 45 spheres of bachelor degree, more than 100 spheres of master`s degree. National University of Uzbekistan is a basic university, which is always leader at creating State Educational Standards for universities, model of study plans and adopting them in other Universities.

1180 professors and teachers working now, among them 21 academicians, 200 doctor-professors, 550 candidates and Ph.D, more than 400 senior teachers and assistant teachers. Staffs scientific intellect is directed to the improvement of studies, methodology, scientific researches and cultural-moral affairs.

Nowadays more than 10000 students in bachelors and masters degree are studying at the University. Newspapers as “National University of Uzbekistan”, “Journalist” and “NUU News” are being published. Internet web page, informational service, television studio “Issues of Journalism” and photo studio are functioning.

University is supporting fundamental researches according to international standards, building partnership with foreign prestigious educational centers and universities. For example, in recent years educational partnership contracts were signed with following countries: Japan, Austria, Greece, China, Poland, South Korea, Germany, Chech Republic, Russia, the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Israel, England, Malasia, Sweden, India, Italy, Kazakstan. In 18 laboratories under the University are providing wide scientific researches. At the result, 1500 scientific articles (more than 500 articles in abroad), more than 50 monographs, more than 10 manuals, more than 200 scientific methodic works are being published.

In recent years doctorate and post graduate scientists of university retrained their experience in Germany, Sweden, Swizerland, China, Holland, India, USA, Great Britain, Russia and Japan. More than 100 doctoral researches, 60 PHD works have been successfully defended.

National University of Uzbekistan – an active participant in international educational and research programs, such as Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme), etc.

At the University, since 2004 actively developing cooperation within the Tempus. Currently, the university implemented 4 projects Tempus like as CANDI, UNIQTOOL, ENGITEC, UZWATER, GE-UZ, in partnership with universities the University of West Hungary (HU),University of Vienna (AT), Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (AT),University of Greenwich (UK), Royal Institute of Technology (SE),Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania), University of Latvia (LV),Warsaw University of Life Science (PL), Uppsala University(SE),Aral Sea Society(SE)and others, which are aimed at improving the educational process, training of teachers, the successful solution of the methodological problems of training of students and development of the material base of the University.

In the framework of the Erasmus Mundus had won two projects MANECA and CASIA, which are aimed at increasing the mobility of university representatives in European universities. The project MANECA university cooperates with universities in Europe as, Technical University of Berlin (Germany), University of Lessius (Belgium), University of Constantine the Philosopher (Slovakia), Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania), etc.

Role of the NUU in the project

NUU scientists will be involved in developing a training program for master’s degree “Geoinformatics”, in the development of standards of higher education in the specialty master “Geoinformatics”, in writing programs, textbooks and manuals on subjects: “Introduction to Geoinformation Systems and Science”, “Remote sensing and photogrammetry”, “Cartography and Geovisualization”, “Spatial Analysis” and also in the organization of the educational process in the specialty master “Geoinformatics”.

About  of the department of Geodesy, cartography and cadastre

Department of the geodesy, cartography and cadastre of the national university of uzbekistan named after mirzoulugbek is a center for conducting research on cartography in Uzbekistan.

The department was founded by professorN.I.Lebedenskiy in 1921.

Teachers of the department except occupations at Geographical faculty, successfully conduct a lecture and practical training on “Topography bases” and “Geodesy” at Geological and Biologo-soil faculties.

Each year, members of the department to manage training field practice 450-500 students.

Now on the department there is 5 specialized educational audiences, geodetic educational laboratory and the center of Atlas cartography. They are equipped with modern equipments and demonstration materials.

Currently, at the department work two professors, 5 Ph.Ds, 3 senior lecturer and 3 teacher.

Internet web page  of the department

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