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The Tempus project finances the purchasing of 8 Total Stations, 4 GNSS rovers and base stations, several handheld GPS, 1 laser scanner with joint usage, 8 automatic levels and 8 laser distance measurer. We would like to introduce here some of the equipment:

Trimble M3 Servo and Mechanical Total Stations:

  • 1- One of the most Reliable Crew Members, Lightweight, compact and streamlined, the Trimble® M3 Total Station provides everything  one needs to get the job done right in  demanding situations.
  • - Trimble Access Field Software On-board. Combine trusted mechanical total station reliability with the powerful, functional and modular software that modern users need today. Familiar, easy-to-use interface. Powerful data collection and calculation tools for fast results in the field. The Optional roads module provides streamlined workflows. Import road definitions from third-party resources. Key in a complete road definition that includes horizontal and vertical alignments, templates, and superevelation and widening records. Guides through fast offsets, slope staking, real-time design, and real-time quality control
  • - Trimble DR Technology included in it: Save time by reducing instrument setups to reach your desired measurement points. High-accuracy EDM provides fast, reliable2 measurements.
  • - It has bright and colourful QVGA touch screen
  • - Runs Windows Embedded CE 6.0 operating system, optimizes graphical-rich features of Trimble Access. Improved readability and menu navigation and Ergonomic controls plus integrated screen and keyboard streamline inputs.




GNSS rover- Trimble R4

  • - A Complete GNSS System
  • - Lightweight, convenient and cable free
  • - Dual-frequency antenna enhances tracking capacity
  • - Delivers sub-millimetre phase centre stability
  • - Internally powered with removable batteries
  • - Comes standard with GPS L1, L2, L2C and QZSS
  • - Choose the level of GNSS support you require with flexible upgrade options including GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou (COMPASS)
  • - Advanced Trimble R-Track Technology
  • - Integrated in to the Trimble R6, Trimble R-Track technology delivers:3
  • - Reliable, precise positioning performance
  • - Signal Prediction compensates for intermittent or marginal RTK correction signals
  • - CMRx communications protocol provides correction compression for optimized bandwidth and full utilization of all the satellites in view
  • - Functions as a VRS Rover, RTK Rover or Field Base Station
  • - Use as a lightweight rover for static surveying or RTK
  • - Compatible with Trimble VRS solutions
  • - Built-in 450 MHZ receive only radio or a fully integrated GSM/GPRS radio
  • - Integrated UHF transmit option.

 The Trimble® TX5 3D laser scanner is a revolutionary and highly versatile 3D scanning solution for a broad variety of scanning applications. The compact and lightweight design provides unmatched mobility at the job site, increasing field productivity. The intuitive and easy to use on-board interface allows new users to quickly get up to speed.

  • - Versatile and cost-effective
  • - Compact and portable
  • - Integrated colour camera for creating photorealistic scenes
  • - Intuitive touch screen interface ideal for new users
  • - The Trimble TX5 is a revolutionary versatile scanning solution applicable to a broad array of applications:
  • - Surveying: Capture high resolution data for topographical maps, generating 2D and 3D CAD views, measure distances, areas, and volumes
  • - Building Information Modelling – BIM: Efficiently capture As-built and As-Is conditions for MEP or Structures contractors working on virtual design and construction (BIM) projects
  • - Industrial Facilities: Capture accurate as-built documentation of a facility for redesign and revamp projects or for updating existing plant documentation in 3D
  • - Inspection/Reverse Engineering: Extract measurements and create 3D models when there is no existing CAD data available. Perform detailed inspections and comparisons to existing models, surfaces and point clouds
  • - Tunnelling: Capture tunnel profiles and centrelines for comparison with design, measuring undercut/overcut and volumes of extracted materials
  • - Crime Scene & Forensic: Quickly and thoroughly document accident and crime scenes including colour for real world visualization.


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