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GE-UZ workshop on Educational methodology and ICT

In the frame of TEMPUS GE-UZ project ( workshop on Educational Methodology and ICT was organised for 32 teachers from all Uzbek partner universities. The main duty in the near future will be the development of learning materials. Participants familiarized with Moodle Learning Management System and its usage, and had a discussion on the content, the targets, and the learning outcomes of the 8 textbooks. Competency matrix of Geoinformatics M.Sc. programme was created for the harmonisation of above mentioned textbooks. The EU partner universities discussed the overall management of an M.Sc. course in the Bologna process. Therefore the responsible program leaders from the 4 universities were selected. Their main duty will be the overall and daily management of the future “Geoinformatics” MSc program. The program leaders discussed program level development with EU partners. Their recent task is to decide to whom will this new master course be accessible, what are the entry requirements. It is a key issue because it has an impact on further module and content developments as well. In the near future the program committee will be formed together with the program board. These organisations will have an essential role to maintain the level of MSc program, to control overall evaluation processes and keep contact with industry. To ensure the sustainability of GE-UZ project, a sound business plan was elaborated. Last but not least project partner coordinators negotiated the hardware, software, other special advanced technologies, and equipment purchase plan supported by TEMPUS grant.

During the holiday period program leaders and module developers will continue the work to meet the strict deadlines of the project. The workshop was very successful, the module developers made a good progress, and the discussions with European partners proved to be very fruitful. All project staff members hope that the followings will be just as effective that this workshop was.


The Tempus GE-UZ Project Management Board

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