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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Final Review Meeting

The Final review meeting of the Tempus GE-UZ project was organized in Tashkent at the premises of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration (TIIM, the national leader of GE-UZ project) on 14 May, 2015. The meeting was opened with greetings by chair of Project Advisory Board, Prof. Uktam Umurzakov. The GE-UZ Advisory Board have had three evaluation meetings in Tashkent (March), in London (April) and again in Tashkent (May). Summary report of PAB meeting in May 2015 has been presented by Odil Akbarov (national project coordinator).

During the meeting GE-UZ project partners introduced the current state of the project’s workpackages, discussed the forthcoming organizational and administrative issues. The following issues were discussed in details: Curriculum development: ECTS transformation; Development of learning materials: Learning Materials and Learning guides; Train-the-teachers actions: Quality Assurance; Development of learning environment: Experiences in use of Learning Management System and Equipment Purchase; Educational Network Development: Future co-operations; Quality Plan: Quality assurance of learning material development, Quality assurance of course delivery, External evaluation by international expert, Quality Manual; Course implementation: Recruitment, Entry exam, Pilot course delivery status; Dissemination and awareness: PR materials, Newsletters, Website, Publication in social and professional media.


1Bernhard Bretz summarizes Moodle status


2George Molnar presenting financial requirements


All the expected outcomes were performed in time (Needs (as-is) analysis, Definition of new curriculum, Accreditation, Bachelor program in Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre was refined, on Five Train-the-Teachers course 32 teachers were trained and qualified, Learning Management System was introduced, Four computer labs were installed with high standard hardware and GIS software, Modern data acquisition equipment were purchased, Sustainable educational network was built, Quality Manual was produced to ensure the quality of MSc programme, Business Plan developed for sustainability, Project websites (EN and UZ), Project results were disseminated in social and professional media, in project newsletters, and International dissemination conference).


3The project website has visitors from all over the world


During the project some additional actions were done: after the Field course on use of new technologies (in March 2014) a seminar was organized for GI companies and stakeholders with the aim of quick dissemination of knowledge on GNSS and laserscanning; a summer school arranged (in May 2015) for 20 students and staff members of GI companies supporting UZ in sustainable development.

One of the most important results in the project life cycle was that a Bologna-conformed MSc course was launched at TIIM and successfully enrolled the first intake in 2014, based on eight modules developed by UZ teachers with the support of EU counterparts. In 2015 the Ministry of Higher Education will grant almost 20 students at three partner universities in Tashkent (TIIM, National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulug’bek (NUU), and Tashkent Architecture Building Institute (TABI). Karakalpak State University (KSU) in Nukus will open the new programme in 2016.

Future cooperation was discussed among partners, especially focusing on Erasmus+ programme where European partners are waiting for candidates from Uzbekistan. Extending the cooperation among new universities was also recommended.




At the end of the meeting Prof Markus thanked for all project contributors for their excellent support. Finally the key project partners were granted with certificates of appreciation for their active participation and inputs during the project period.


5Odil Akbarov receives certificate of appreciation

6Barbara Brunner receives certificate of appreciation

7Polat Reymov receives a gift book from Prof Strobl