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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Quality Assurance Training at University of Greenwich

A one-week Quality Assurance Training was held in April 2015 in United Kingdom at University of Greenwich, Medway Campus. The training was mainly focused to the importance of Academic Quality Assurance in general. The good practices of Quality Assurance in practice, Quality Assurance in programme development and approval, Quality Assurance in delivering programme, running successful MSc programme were introduced and discussed. The lessons learned are very important within Tempus GE-UZ project documentation, designing Quality Assurance for the new Geoinformatics MSc programme and future developments.

There were in total 18 participants from international project partnership
from EU countries:

• University of West Hungary,
• Obuda University (Hungary),
• Royal Technology Institute (Sweden), of course
• University of Greenwich;

from Uzbekistan beside of all academic partners:

• Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration,
• National University of Uzbekistan,
• Tashkent Architecture and Building Institute and
• Karakalpak State University

The Uzbek Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education was represented by Head of the Main Department at MHSSE, Dr. Inom Madjidov.