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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Greetings from Hungary

My name is Ilhom Abdurahmanov, I’m one of the key staff members in Tempus GE-UZ project at Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In first two years of the project my role will be to forward the knowledge of new technologies learnt during GE-UZ trainings towards students studying Geoinformatics MSc in Uzbekistan.


I started my studies on 3rd of September 2014 in the frame of Erasmus Mundus gSmart ( scholarship at University of West Hungary, in order to maintain my master degree in Geoinformatics. The gSmart Erasmus Mundus scholarships initiative is based on a network of European and Central Asian Universities with a focus on interdisciplinary ‘Spatial Sciences’, aiming at improving the management of societies, economies and environments throughmodern geospatial methods and techniques. It was also a start of a new, unforgettable life in Szekesfehervar. I like this city, because it is very beautiful and so quiet, especially people are very friendly.

I participated in “Lecso” Festival with “Geo” staff of Obuda University. It was first time that I tasted the Hungarian dish “Lecso” and of course no surprise, I liked it very much.


Next week we visited Lake Balaton with Busics Imre, and with my teacher Ilkhomjon Musaew, who is the program director of GE-UZ pilot project in Uzbekistan, and is participating in a one-month study training in Hungary in the frame of Tempus GE-UZ project. It was an amazing landscape there.3



I also participated in the 2nd Review Meeting of GE-UZ project at the Obuda University in October 2014, where GE-UZ Project management and advisory board members gathered to evaluate and summarize the previous project year, and to plan the upcoming final year of the GE-UZ project.

During my studies, our first trip was in Kőszeg Mountains of Hungary. I went there with my course mates, Prof. Dr. Veress Marton, and Dr. Toth Gabor.

There I have seen and learnt the geomorphological elements. It has been very interesting and very useful for me.

In conclusion, I would like to thank to all staff of the Erasmus Mundus gSmart and Tempus GE-UZ Projects for their helps and recommendations.