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Monthly Archives: January 2014

GE-UZ interviews part 2

During the first GE-UZ review meeting in Hungary, Partner Co-ordinators and the Head of Tempus unit were interviewed. You can watch the interviews hereunder. Second part comprises interviews with Oralkhan Sultashova, Sherzod Rakhmanov, Sarvar Toshpulatov, Eshkabul Safarov, Lola Yuldasheva, Sherimmat Avazov. First part here.

How GE-UZ project and results are fitting to your strategy?

Answer from Oralkhan Sultashova, Teacher, Karakalpak State University named after Berdak, Faculty of Environment and Geography.

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Will the M.Sc in Geoinformatics programme be sustainable?

Answer from Sherzod Rakhmanov, Senior Researcher, Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration.

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What are the benefits of GE-UZ for your faculty?

Answer from Sarvar Toshpulatov, Dean of the Faculty of Infrastructure, Tashkent Architectural Building Institute.

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What are the job profiles of your GE-UZ graduates?

Answers from Eshkabul Safarov, Head of Geodesy, Cartograhy and Cadastre Department, National University of Uzbekistan.

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How GE-UZ aims and objectives are fitting to industry needs?

Answer from Lola Yuldasheva, Geoinformcadastr, Head of Department, Digital Cartography and New Technologies.

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Introduction of the strategy of Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of Uzbekistan regarding Bologna process

Answer from Sherimmat Avazov, Department of Preparation of Personnel and Distribution, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of Uzbekistan.

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