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Yearly Archives: 2014

Study tour at GEO and FÖMI

Ilkhomjon Musaev, associate professor of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration (TIIM), course leader of the Tempus GE-UZ project visited Hungary, studying educational management at University of West Hungary and advanced surveying, remote sensing and GIS applications at Research Institute of Surveying and Remote Sensing (FÖMI website:

He was invited by Gyorgy Busics, director of Institute of Geoinformatics at Obuda University, Alba Regia Technical Faculty, who introduced the departments and teaching infrastructure.
FÖMI visit was organized by Imre Busics (director, Directorate of Geodesy), who introduced him to Laszlo Nemeth, director of the Map Production Department at Military Mapping Agency.

m12Renovation of leveling benchmark (Nadap) in Sopron

Mr Musaev also participated in project 2nd GE-UZ reviewmeeting with his presentation on “Testing in a pilot course and refinement” on 3-4 October 2014 at Obuda University.

As a conclusion, we should point out that this will establish new approaches to challenges of current geodesy, cartography, geoinformatics, environment, land and water resources problems based on exchange ideas and knowledge acquired from academic visit within the framework of the project activities.

 m11Certificate awarding upon finishing academic exchange program within Tempus GE-UZ project