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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Introducing the National Center for Geodesy and Cartography

National Center for Geodesy and Cartography (NCGC)

 In accordance with The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan Regulation N 483 from October 19, 2004, NCGC is part of State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on land resources, geodesy, cartography and state cadastres (Goscomzemgeodescadaster).

NCGC is the leading organization in the country in following:

  • researchers in geodesy, cartography, cadastre and geoinformatics
  •  remote sensing;
  •  geodynamic researchers;
  •  standardization, registration and regulating of geographic names;
  •  creation and conducting of the Unified State cadastres system;
  •  creation and conducting of the unified computerized National real property rights registration system;
  •  creation and conducting of the unified real property objects data bank;
  •  application of the latest digital technologies to production;
  •  international projects realization (Tacis, ADB, GTZ, USAID, JICA, Global Mapping etc.)

Development of legal normative acts


  • “About State cadastre of land”;
  • “About State cadastres”;
  • “About geographic objects names”.

Geodesy Department

Department created to provide effective application of new geodetic instruments, hardware, software and new technologies to topographic and geodetic production.

Department also makes geodynamic researchers on the geodynamic polygons in accordance with the “State program to prevention of emergency situations consequences”.

Department provided by up-to-day hardware and software for geodetic measurements processing. There are high-qualified specialists in the department.

Remote sensing and digital mapping department

Main function of the department is to create and process digital topographic maps and plans in different scales based on aero and cosmic photos in high resolution. Specifically the digital topographic basis of all the Republic of Uzbekistan territory has created in the following scales:

  • 1:1 000 000
  • 1: 500 000
  • 1: 200 000

Department provided by the up-to-day technologies and software products to create GIS and to process remote sensing materials.

Republican Information Analytical Centre of Real Property

Main activities:

  • Collection and systematization of real property cadastre data
  • Creation and implementation of real property data bank including registration and technical inventarization of building and constructions
  • Creation and maintenance of cadastral index maps
  • Developing data geodase for cadastral systems
  • Thematic mapping
  • Training of specialists on GIS and UzLR software

Department equipped by up-to-date hardware and software


  • —   Data Server – 1
  • —   Web Server – 1
  • —   BackUP Server – 1
  • —   GIS Work Stations – 4
  • —   WorkStations – 8


  • —   UzLR 2.2 – 1
  • —   MapInfo 7.5 – 1
  • —   ArcGIS ArcView 9.3 – 1
  • —   MapEditPro 5 – 1
  • —   Easy Trace 7.8 – 1
  • —   Cadastre45 – 1
  • —   DB_Building – 1

Republican Information Analytical Centre of Unified State Cadastres System

Main objective to create Unified State Cadastres System is to provide unified national complete complex accounting and valuation of the Republic of Uzbekistan natural-and economic potential

Unified State Cadastres System includes 20 cadastres

  • Cadastre of land
  • Cadastre of mineral deposits
  • Water cadastre
  • Forest cadastre
  • Cadastre of flora
  • Cadastre of fauna
  • Cadastre of protected natural areas
  • Cadastre of buildings and constructions
  • Town-planning cadastre
  • Cadastre of hydraulic structures
  • Cadastre of tangible cultural heritage
  • Cadastre of motor roads
  • Cadastre of railways
  • Cadastre of transport pipelines
  • Cadastre of communication objects
  • Cadastre of energetic objects
  • Cadastre of waste storage and utilization
  • Cadastre of natural danger zones
  • Cadastre of technogeneous danger zones
  • Cadastre of geodesy and cartography

Republican Information Analytic Centre of Unified State Cadastres System

Main functions are as follows:

  •  Centralize collection, systematization, processing and storage of the objective and actual information about economic and natural recourse potential of the country statement and use
  •  Operative providing the public authorities, juridical and physical persons by the information necessary for their activity and data about territorial and real property data
  •  Coordination of the Ministries and departments activities related to state cadastres implementation