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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Welcome to the TEMPUS GE-UZ international website!

On the website you can find the most important and up-to-date information in connection with the project. You can search in the contents of the website by using Search menu. Menus found on the left hand side give an overall picture about the background, the objectives, the partners, the outcomes of the GE-UZ project.  Menus found above are dedicated to give place for events, publications and any PRmaterials relating to the project. In the Events menu you can find news about the project-related meetings and trainings. The Intranet is meant for the project partners and its contents found on a password-protected session of the website. Have a useful pastime on the website!


On the above picture the Hungarian project team is celebrating the start of the project.
From left-to-right Gergely Laszlo, Szilvia Taupert, Bela Markus, Attila Petrik, Andrea Podor, Zoltan Hujber